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Windsor Montessori Preschool is situated in Windsor, Invercargill.  We are committed to providing a nurturing, caring and safe place where every family is welcomed and supported. The smaller setting of our preschool  supports children to develop relationships, a sense of well being and belonging and provides a place where learning flourishes. Heathy snacks are prepared and provided as part of our curriculum. All staff are registered teachers and the preschool is fully resourced to provide a Montessori based program. 

What we do

Building great relationships with children and families within a nurturing, caring, supportive learning environment is at the heart of what we do. We honour each child's individuality and hold respect for every child.

We want every child to experience a Montessori education. Our environment is a place where children will feel safe to explore and make discoveries about themselves, their world, and their relationships. We support children to master the skills that build self-confidence, self esteem, independence, collaboration and joyful learning.


What we believe

We believe that children learn best in a community that is inclusive, accepting, respectful, compassionate and filled with curiosity and joyful discovery. Early childhood is the foundation for everything that follows. Every child holds the future in their hearts and minds.

Education is “education for life.” 

We believe that the Montessori approach to learning provides children with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. 

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