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“We just love this new little Preschool, such a happy, caring, clean, orderly environment and the teachers are so very accommodating.

The children are being set up with real life skills such as eating at the table, gardening, daily cooking and taught to put away activities once they have finished with them – what better age could this be taught & engrained!

I also love how there is almost no regular toys, as such, but  a vast range of specific Montessori teaching materials – there is just so much learning happening – its really fascinating watching my child's development!”

"Since starting at Windsor Montessori Preschool, we have noticed many positive changes in our daughter. A major one is she is now excited about school. When we pick her up, she cheerfully chats the whole way home. Another wonderful change is she is more inclined to eat healthier foods. The preschool is beautifully designed, has fascinating resources, established routines and a lovely atmosphere. The staff greet our family happily and I have even stayed one morning for a cuppa. Cynthia is always smiling and guiding our daughter with kind words. As parents, we are very happy about our choice of preschool."

"Our daughter wakes up most days asking "Is it preschool day today?" She loves Windsor Montessori and has responded really well to having the time, space and support to learn at her own pace. She is beginning to build lovely friendships with the wonderful teachers and other children. The learning environment inside and out is an engaging and organised space that encourages practical life skills, hands-on learning and a chance for children to follow their interests. We couldn't be happier with our first preschool experience!"

"We couldn't be happier with Windsor Montessori and the wonderful, kind, caring, supportive teachers there.  Cynthia is one in a million and goes above and beyond for her children and preschool.  With a small group of children there are such close connections made between teachers and our son to ensure he has the best of care, with such amazing opportunities for learning, development and making friendships."

"Such a lovely bright and friendly, atmosphere. Our son loves going to Windsor Montessori, it’s the first thing he asks when he wakes up, ‘ is preschool on today?’ The teachers are so genuine, caring and full of knowledge. We are very grateful that our child has such a wonderful, warm, nurturing environment to spend time in."

"Our daughter has been enjoying Montessori so much! From day one she has loved experiencing all Cynthia and her team have to offer. Cynthia is so passionate about Montessori and has created a homely exciting atmosphere where the kids get to discover so many wonderful things. The kids have become real friends in such a short time and it's really cool to see how excited they are to see each other each morning.

With many things happening like gardening, baking, building, sorting, singing and discovering so many new Montessori materials, there is never a dull moment! We love the routines that have been introduced, while giving the kids so much freedom to pick and choose what they want to do in a day. The fact that our daughter already asks on Friday when she gets to go to preschool again shows us we’ve made the right decision! "

"Word cannot express the impact that Windsor Montessori preschool has had on my son. This little preschool is such a happy, positive, kind, compassionate environment. My son has grown so much academically and emotionally. Cynthia, Mel and Janelle celebrate every child’s achievements and this helps them become confident, eager learners. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts".

"Windsor Montessori is a wonderful preschool environment and my daughter loves it. I feel like its her second family! We never imagined our child could learn so many skills between the ages of 3-5, from cleaning after her mahi, making healthy food choices, to learning to weed the garden! We were very impressed with the resources Montessori use, an amazing way to teach a child, so fun but yet always a element of growth and learning. Cynthia and her team are awesome role models, so kind and patient and understanding of every child's needs. We have never had a single doubt from the day she started and would recommend the Windsor Montessori way to everyone!"

"Our little boy has been at Montessori preschool for just under a year and he absolutely loves it. The preschool has a wonderful environment which is new, fresh, clean and inviting with awesome resources.  The teachers are lovely and truly passionate about teaching the Montessori approach and are so engaged with the children and their specific development. With a small number, they have some great initiatives that really support the children in their sense of belonging. I couldn't recommend it highly enough." 

"As a primary school teacher I've really noticed the head start that Windsor Montesori gives children as they enter school. Not only with learning but even things like self-management and being able to speak for themselves. 

We could tell from the beginning they weren't there to simply babysit our daughter -they are carefully equipping her to take part in the world. Recommend."

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