The Next Step


The next step in a child’s learning journey

  • We want all children to leave our preschool with a greater sense of who they are and that they have a place in this world that they can contribute to. 

  • It is important that every child will leave with a strong appreciation and understanding of who they are within their own culture while having an understanding and respect for other cultures. 

  • Children will have developed the skills to form relationships with others and have an understanding of how to solve problems. 

  • They will have an awareness of what it looks like to be responsible, respectful, kind and empathetic to those around them.

  • They will have developed an appreciation for the community of learners they have been a part of, knowing more about the community they live in and its place in the world.

  • Their curiosity of the natural world they live in will have developed to a place where they have a greater understanding, knowledge, appreciation and respect for all things living. They will know that our planet needs to be looked after and that they can make a difference through their knowledge and practical understanding of sustainable practices.

  • Each child will have developed a strong sense of belonging and feel confident in expressing their thoughts and ideas knowing that their contributions matter and are truly valued. 

  • They will be independent, have an ability to concentrate well, have strong fine and gross motor skills, have an understanding and interest in literacy with great phonetic knowledge, and have great concepts of numbers from concrete to abstract knowledge. 

  • They will have a passion for wanting to learn and feel truly excited about taking their next step in life as they head off to school and as they continue to demonstrate how confident and capable they are as learners.

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